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Galactic Clusters and Warm-Hot Interstellar Media

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    WHIM (or Warm-Hot Interstellar Media) and Galactic Clusters are an interesting area of research.

    I stumbled across a presentation by Brian O'Shea about his research into galactic clusters. Unforunately, the details are apparently not available.

    "Galaxy Clusters and the WHIM as Cosmological Probes"
    Brian O'Shea, Michigan State
    O'Shea's research page - http://www.pa.msu.edu/~osheabr/research.html

    I started looking for related research and found:

    Tracing the Warm Hot Intergalactic Medium in the local Universe

    Probing the Large-Scale Structure Around the Most Distant Galaxy Clusters from the Massive Cluster Survey

    "Clusters of galaxies: beyond the thermal view"

    Searching WHIM in arxiv reveals some interesting papers.
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