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Galactic rift?

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    so, supposedly this paper here...

    is about a part of our galaxy that our solar system is now traveling through, and supposedly only does so every 26k yrs?
    At least this is what this guy is claiming...
    And he is saying this...""it is an arm of the black hole in the center of the galaxy and though we pass by a rift every 5,200 years we only go THROUGH one once in 26,000. There were several other such published papers but this one was the easiest for my lay-brain to decypher. Think of the rift as full of flotsam and jetsom captured by the black hole's gravity, too far to be sucked in but not far enough out to get away, our solar system, not just the earth, is moving through this cluttered rockin' & rollin' passage. Just a 'speed'bump would be enough make all our nightmares(or dreams) come true""

    what he is trying to conclude from this paper is that we might have a life changing event due to all of this.

    My question is...I have a sneaky suspicion that this guy is full of it, but am having a hard time explaining exactly WHY I think that, lol.

    I'm wondering if I should ask this here? Or in astronomy?

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    Who are you quoting?
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    This paper
    AFGL 5376: A strong, large-scale shock near the Galactic center
    has nothing at all in common with what you claim. The Earth is nowhere near the Galactic center.
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    hey, a person from another forum.

    He believes that we will be near this center on 12/21/12 and that this is part of the 2012 doomsday prophecy.

    I just didnt know enough about astronomy to counter his arguement, so came here looking for some answers

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    thank you sir,

    I also did some research and found this link
    http://www.2012hoax.org/dark-rift [Broken]

    a good read, and debunks much of what these guys are spouting,

    there is so much damn pseudo science out there trying to prove one thing or another...
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