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Galaxy Cluster Data

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    I have a modification to MOND that appears to work much better than 'Standard' MOND at the galactic scale. I want to test this model now on larger structures. Does anyone know where I can find kinematic data on galaxy clusters, preferably some 'gold' standard that people have been examining for years. I know that the Missing Mass is a classic problem and that Galaxy Clusters are a problem for MOND as well as λCDM. I need basically the mass of the total cluster, the radius of each galaxy, and the rotational velocity of the galaxy.
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    Does your school/university/wherever you're working at on this project not have resources for you to use to find this information?
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    Yes, we do. It's called "The Internet".
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    Thanks. Very helpful once you get the hang of how the query works. Unfortunately there's no classification data so in order to weed out the ellipticals from the spirals you need to merge it with the Galaxy Zoo


    But eventually I got what I was after.
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