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Galaxy/Universe formation

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    I had a thought the other night when I heard that there is a super massive black hole at the center of every galaxy. My thought was is it possible that the big bang did not happen once trillions of years ago? Is it possible that every galaxy was created by its individual big bang from the black hole that holds it together? If you consider that the core of the black hole seemingly defys all known laws of physics or distorts them all then is it not reasonable to assume it has the potential to create matter. If the beggining of the black hole were to spin at what can only be described as astronomical speeds and were the single strongest magnet mankind could possibly envision and also if the black hole were emitting matter then wouldn't it magnetise all matter and send it into an orbit. If this is so then the universe was not created with one single big bang but trillions or possibly more smaller big bangs which would still be happening to this day.
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    General relativty and quantum theory are incompatible in trying to describe what happens inside a black hole. However creating matter doesn't come out of the existence of this problem.
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    Sure its possible, but its pretty well established that black holes are formed from certain types of Supernova, which means they are born out of stars. These black holes in turn, have such strong gravity that they pull surrounding stars and gas into orbits around them, thus they create their own galaxy.
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    This is absolutely untrue. In fact the supermassive BHs gravity has only a measurable effect on the very central parts of a galaxy. It is certainly untrue that a black hole from a supernovae pulls stars and gas from the surrounding universe to form a galaxy. See http://www.universetoday.com/am/publish/early_black_holes_grew_quickly.html" for a brief explanation on the formation of supermassive black holes.

    However, it may be true that stellar mass black holes accrete matter and form a super massive black hole.
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