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Galileo Galilei Illuminates

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    I have read that the first real scientists as Galileo Galilei were forced by catholic church to found secret society named ILLUMINATES. They was branded as Satanists by Vatican and their scientifical experiments as Dark rituals. They have allegedly infiltrated into Mason´s community, especially in New World. In further centuries they have became very mighty. Now they control main economy institutions (some banks and funds) and also education (they have still scientifical spirit). Their symbols are on US dollars - pyramid, eye in Delta and their motto "New secular order" in Latin. Symbols of Satanists on US currency, isn´t it interesting?
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    oh , i just noticed you are in prauge. you have very good beer!
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    Primarily I´ve read book "Angels and Demons".This is fiction, but author is professor of symbology and detailly descripted known facts about Illuminates. However, they are secret society and sworn information about them are very rare. See internet sources - low quality :frown: Do you know, that in Rome is Chapel Chigi with pyramidal tomb of influential illuminates? Also symbol of CERN can be interpretated as 666. I hope that some Illuminates are on physicsforums - this is an ideal place for science-lovers:smile:
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    It's Illuminati.

    Jeez, haven't you played Deus Ex?
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    No, I don´t know what is the Deus Ex. Illuminati? It´s surprising, they hate Latin - language of Vatican. Their "lingua pura" is english - language unknown in Rome of 17th century.
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    No I think it was ILLUMINATES, I've heard of them too. Once made a search of "secret society" on the net for a paper. The world is full of them. Some even have net sites. How come they are secret though?????
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