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Galling of 303 vs. 304 when coupled with 416 Stainless Steel

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    I was looking for an appropriate galling resistance stress for a slow moving part I'm designing. You can think of it as a hinge. I found the article linked below which seemed very helpful. Table XI on page 24 shows various galling resistances, including my wear couple 303 vs. 416 Stainless Steel.
    I have 2 problems with what I found though.

    1. The units of the table are stated to be 10^6 psi. I'm virtually certain this is a typo as all the other tables (such as table XII) have unis of ksi or 10^3psi. And the max value for both is 50+ indicating their equipment only goes to 50ksi. So I think that problem is answered.

    2. The 303 vs 416 SS galling resistance is listed as 9 ksi, while the 304 vs. 416 SS galling resistance is listed as 24 ksi. This is completely counter intuitive, as dozens of sources list 303 as having superior galling resistance to 304 due to the sulfur in the 303. Anyone know if there's something special about 416 that would make it perform better on 304? Or could this be a mistake too?
    Thank you.

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