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Gallium reactors

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    How useful are reactors cooled by gallium alloys?

    Ga has cross section for neutrons of 2,9 barns. Somewhat high - but K has 2,1 barns, and NaK is mostly (76 %) K.

    Pure Ga melts under +30 Celsius. The reactor may freeze - but it is much easier to melt than Pb/Bi eutectic (+125 Celsius).

    Ga melting point can be further lowered by alloying. While In, Cd and Hg are neutron poisons, the other low melting metals are reasonable - Pb, Bi, also Sn (0,62 barns) and Zn (1,1 barns).

    Would a reactor with Ga-Sn coolant be convenient to handle? Ga/Sn melt is nowhere as reactive as Na/K melt, and also not poisonous until irradiated....
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    Gallium's price has been on the order of $650/kg but could be has high as $750 to $970/kg as compared to sodium at around $150/kg.

    In a reactor, liquid metal embrittlement with fuel and structural materials is an issue. Liquid metals are usually used for fast reactors.
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    Clementine managed to work with mercury coolant - despite its huge neutron cross-section.

    How does the quoted price of gallium compare with the price of highly enriched uranium 235, or plutonium 239? These are presumably priceless because no one wants to sell them....
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    It depends on the enrichment. One could develop a price based on the quantity of natural U (0.7%) needed to provide a particular enrichment and the cost of the separative work unit (SWU) to enrich it. Cost of Pu239 depends on cost of starting material (U), irradiation, and separation.
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