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Galois Theory

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    I was taking a lecture series this summer at my school where a professor was introducing us to introductory Galois theory. It was a very 'slack' introduction, without too much rigour. However, about a month in (only 3-4, 3 hr lectures) they stopped due to outstanding circumstances.

    I was a little upset due to how the course basically got my juices flowing for Galois theory and 'tougher' algebra.

    I was wondering if anyone had some online resources, or was even willing to walk me through it here in this thread out of interest.

    We had started from basically nothing (it was not expected to have any experience in group, ring or field theory). We had just began to discuss ideals before its abrupt end.

    Anything anyone has to offer is awesome, conceptual or rigourous.

    Thanks ahead :)
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    Whoa, that's exactly what I was looking for, perfect :)

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