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Gambling as immoral?

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    jimmy p

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    As not to sound like some "immoral" people we know, what are your opinions on gambling?

    As a manager of a bookmakers, I see a lot of people come and go, we have regulars, the sports junkies and the one off or Lottery players. All range in intelligence, but all share one thing in common, which is their love of gambling.

    I've sat in my shop watching regular customers come in first thing in the morning and leave last thing in the evening if they are losing money, as they do the worst thing and chase it all day. We have people that come in and win hundreds of pounds from small bets and never gamble again, and we have the monitored customers who punt large amounts. I can see the thrill in it. I have been to a betting shop or two on days off. And yes it can be exciting, you are watching the big screen, cheering on your horse along with other people around you, and it is exciting.

    On busy days, you can get excited just being at work. People all busy and chirpy, greeting friends and things, and on big race meets, there is such a tension in the air as the big race is running, everyone sitting in silence, and then an uproar in the final 3 furlongs.

    We have one customer who comes in, and tells us he has been living off of us for years on end, only going to work if he has a bad week. And he is right, he usually leaves about 200 quid better off a day.

    Then you get the other extreme, the people that will happily bet over 100 pounds on the lottery. And come out empty handed.

    The strangest customers we have are the elderly. They seem like the worst. They come in first thing in the morning, place their bets and go home. Dont watch any of the racing. How can that be exciting? Just finding out the winners on teletext in the evening. It just seems like they do it because there is nothing better to spend their money on.

    So I ask you.. what do you think? I sometimes think "why do they do it?" but I have gambled myself and have experienced the enjoyment.
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    In 1986 (I think), Las Vegas hosted the Annual American Physical Society (APS) March Meeting - perhaps the biggest physics conference in the country each year is the March Meeting. The city was filled with thousands upon thousands of physicists. Vegas experienced its poorest Casino activity in the recent past and has never since offered to host an APS conference. :wink:
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