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Game ideas

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    I really like programming 3D games in C++/OpenGL. I've been doing it for years and I've gotten pretty good. Now I just finished a game and I'm looking for good ideas for my next one. To pass my time I tried to create coordinated AI movement around obsticles, that works pretty good but it isn't a game. Can anyone give me good, original ideas?
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    Create a 3d adventure game where you can interact with almost everything and has a non-linear plot.
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    Thanks, thats a neat idea but since I have to do everything by myself (programming,graphics,modelling,sound...) I'm looking for a smaller and less graphic intensive kind of games. I'm more into the programming and especialy AI. - Dont get me wrong, I want the graphics to be great but not the focus of the game. A fully interactive game has to be extremely detailed.
    Also I'm not the best story writer so I'd rather focus on RTS games or first person shooter games, - does anyone have a cool RTS idea ( nuclear war...)
    I'm keeping an open mind though so please post any idea that enters your head!!
    But does any artist want to help?
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    any ideas?
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    Why don't you try and do a sports game?

    I know next to nothing about game creation, but I'd imagine its a lot more straightforward to create a sports sim than a large RPG or something.

    I'd say a soccer/american football/basketball game would be hard, but how about a tennis/golf/baseball/cricket sim?

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    Create a puzzle game of some sort. Something like bejeweled, but different. Those are always fun and aren't very complicated. Instead of a 2D game find a way to put someone into the game spacially.

    I guess you will have to figure out what kinds of puzzles can be solved in 3 dimensions. Try to make it a puzzle that requires 3 dimensions to solve.
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