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Game show logic

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    Ok I'm designing a simply system for a three input game show buzzer. I'm thinking about using a demux chip that simply handles analog voltages like the 74hct4051. However I need to only allow the light for the first person that clicks their switch to be displayed. A microcontroller could be used for this, however I was wondering what are some simple solutions for this?

    Edit: Maybe I'm looking at this wrong, maybe I just need to disable the other two switches after the first output on the chip is high.
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    I don't know anything about electronics, so I can't help with the details of your question. If I were building such a thing, I'd put a normally-closed relay in line with each light, which is energized by either of the other two. When one light goes on, it eliminates the rest. How you would do that with a chip is beyond my knowledge.
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    It doesn't have to be a chip; I was only trying to use what I'm familiar with, obviously I've never designed such a circuit before. Most of my EE classes so far have been logic for digital sytems and microcontroller programming.
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    I think you could easily make this using discrete logic components. Using a flip-flop setup you can make the (on)-off switches turn on the light permanently until it is reset.
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