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Game Theory discuss!

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    Hello there Ph.D's and not-yet-PhDs ....

    Just "discovered" game theory for myself today and am interested in finding websites, books, and professional journals that meet your high standards. I'm a beginner in game theory, and I'm not a scientist, but I do read the Journal of Memetics, Journal of Psychology, Nature for fun so I'm familiar with technical terminology.

    So thank you for your responses in advance..

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    Not necessarily a "bump", but I'd definitely like to hear what people (specifically mathematicians) think of game theory. I'm a double major in mathematics and economics, and so I thought game theory would be right up my alley. Alas, I found it boring once I picked up some books. Maybe I need a good professor. Maybe I need to learn topology. *shrugs*

    So, anyone? :)
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    Here's three books to start. Tehy're all from Dover (www.doverpublications.com), so they're cheap.
    1.Games and Decisions by Luce and Raiffa.
    2. Game Theory, a nontechnical introduction, by Davis.
    3. Games, Theory and Applications, by Thomas.

    The first two are non mathematical, and the third one requires a little matrix theory.
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    Thanks for the recommendations.. :smile:

    I'm still learning about this myself and I will post questions or ideas when I think of them.
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    "Essays on Game Theory" - By John F. Nash

    I too have gained some interest in this area of Mathematics. I have not read the book I recommended you. However I am ultimately sure that the book will give a great learning experience for you, since the author of the Book is a great genius.
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    The learning experience does not depend on the genius who wrote some essays but on the match between the initial level of the book and the reader's expertise, imho.
    - Unless the reader is a great genius.
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