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Game Theory of life!

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    Apart from all the path breaking works by Neumann and Nash on this subject, i was wondering if one could actually use this to explain the behaviour of subatomic particles or vice versa which by all means tend to attain stability.If one can work back from evolution games down to the actions of the atomic particles linked through the genes..we might came across a hint of the structural beauty of this universe!
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    not all "sub-atomic particles" are stable, and there are a large number of physicists whose job it is to work out the manner in which particles decay.
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    Yes, that's correct that not all sub-atomic particles are stable. Things always follow a particular direction; a line which may be straight or otherwise for a definite purpose as Richard Dawkins in "The Selfish Gene" so explains about the hidden truths in evolution. Which to us humans may seem different but, it always follows along that line of 'purpose' to meet;like a condition, a physics rule. Would it not be possible to derive from the present notations of game theory of how 'animals' will behave which certainly includes humans in the modern paradigm. Altruism certainly benefits humans and all other organisms; one cannot forget the fact that higher order levels in organisation is formed by lower levels and the effect of the lower physical levels control the apparent reality that we perceive. What I mean to say is that Game Theory works on a macro scale, but the behaviour of humans(now specifically) is rooted from the lower sub-atomic laws.The search is for the link that is definitive and universal.How would one use mathematical notations to explain, at first, the theoretical events in human interaction which is nothing but a sum on numerous games being played simultaneously?
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    Locked for lack of Physics.
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