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Game theory(or not)will this tactic stop all Hi-jacking?

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    Choose a passenger randomly and give him/her a pistol.

    Make sure all passengers go through the same black room, and come out, and it is the black room in which a random passenger will be given a gun.

    It could be the most plausible and logical security measure that ever conceived or it could be the most insanely idiotic idea ever.

    But if you think about it, if you were a terrorist, you'd either have to outgun the random passenger, which is absolutely impossible given today's security check, or you would be dumb enough to book all the seats of the entire aircraft, in which case it is completely pointless and would most certainly alert the authority.

    And here comes the best part: The random passenger may not even exist. None of those who went through the black room may have been given a pistol.

    While you are at it, here is something fun to think about while you are in the shower: though statistically unlikely, what if two terrorist groups happened to be hi-jacking the same airplane? What would they do? RSP or old school gun battle?
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    Or instead of a random civilian with a gun...undercover federal marshals.
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    And if there terrorist got the gun, which would happen once in a while...?
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    a great many people would not accept the gun if offered. Those that accept are mostly as likely to shoot another passenger instead of a terrorist.

    Terrible idea.
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    In an universe where any civilian is capable of safely and efficiently using a gun in a crowded airplane and where we always have a single brain-dead hijacker this could possibly work.
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    Statistically the terrorist would be better off to buy a lottery ticket using all the funds he got from the organization.
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    So inside the room, a brief gun safety video will be instructed. It's a gun, hello? Not exactly rocket science.
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    Moose_Ryder: reread post #2, then google "federal air marshal".... :wink:
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