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Gameboy DS or Advance

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    Ah man. I was thinking about all the great times I have had playing mario games when I was younger, and I was wishing that there was a new super mario brothers adventure game that I had not played yet, and I realized that I have never played Mario 64. Everyone says that is the best one too.
    I have a GameCube, but no Nintendo 64. So I thought about how I could play this game without purchasing a 64, and I read that they re-released this game on the game boy. So I went to ebay to buy one of those add on pieces of hardware that allows you to play gameboy games on your gamecube. So I won the auction, and I just realized that this mario game is for the gameboy DS, not the gameboy ADVANCE!
    I don't want it now. What do I do?
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    DS games look like they fit into the memory card slot. Are DS games compatible with Gamecube?
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    What about the PSP?
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    What about it?
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    Are DS games compatible with Gamecube?
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