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Games cd

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    hi how r u? may be i don't know u but i know that ur feelings r so much close to me. ok i am RAJ KUMAR, I have one MSDOS games CD in 1999, that contains many MSDOS games including EA sports cricket 96. Its volume label is terminator. I have wandered all over the place & yet to find a solution for my search.i have that game CD in the past & unfortunately i have lost it and now i want to have that CD again. so please help me to have that games CD again because i have enjoyed a lot while playing it & now i want to have that same enjoyment again with the help of u? THANK YOU! please immediately send the cricket 96 game if u have. please! Even if u don't have idea about this CD please do check with ur friends to get solution! Thanks in advance!
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    Try a web search (ask, google, yahoo, ...), I found a few forums that referenced Cricket 96, you might want to post a message in those forums to see if anyone has a copy you can get. You might want to try ebay or amazon to see if someone is selling it.
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    Wandered all over the places mate. Definitely its not in the net. The only way to get it if anyone having that i think. Anyhow thanks for your time mate!
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    (taken from here http://www.cricketweb.net/forum/general/13990-worlds-best-cricket-game.html] [Broken])
    This dude claims that he will send you the snes version of it and then you could get an emulator
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    You said you lost that cd...and wandered all over the place.. But have you tried asking your friends? Maybe they borrowed it and forgot to give it back, then, you thought it was missing. Well,that's all I can say... I hope you'll find that cd soon. :wink:
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