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Gamification of Quarks - Strong force

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    Hi folks,

    This is my first post, so I wasn't sure where to post this, and chose this section to be safe. For sometime I was amazed by the weird properties of quarks, like the constant force that hold them together and hadronization. So at one point I wondered how the real world would look like if ordinary matter had such properties. Later, as I am professionally working on simulation/game hybrids I decided to make it into a game/sim. I am not very knowledgable about quantum physics, ley alone QCD but after some discussions with people who know these stuff I decided that the model that I have in my mind was a good approximation.

    So what I did was based on atomistic simulation but carries quarklike properties. Namely I took the Lennard-Jones potential from an atomistic simulation that I made before, and changed it with a constant force function. Also added the hadronization feature such that when the bond streches beyond a point new particles emerge. The new force function (beware not potential - force) looks like this: PoDo8gg.png

    In the end what I get is probably far far away from how a quark is theorized. But my aim here is to inspire people and spur interest in science. If people wonder what is going on and decide to be interested in science, thats good enough.

    In the end I finished the game/sim and yesterday I published it for Android. You can download it for free here. A few weeks later a web version will be ready. A video of its earlier state is here.

    So what do you folks think about it? Is it inspiring? Are there any changes you would recommend? Would a 10 year old kid play with this and have sparks of interest for scinece?
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