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Gamma radiation bursts GBE's

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    About gamma radiation bursts
    What if the bursts we observe are the light equivalent of a sonic boom? The energy report of an object surpassing the speed of light. These could be tell tale signs of superluminal or warp travel. As an oblect reaches the speed of light, light would be compressed to the point where the wave signature matched a gamma ray, and there by create a gamma boom without actually having to release the energy normally required to produce such a phenomenon. Also, we could be seeing these events in real time, as the gamma even could be carried on a wave beyond the normal speed of light. Sort of like broadband communication with superluminal radiation as the carrier wave. We could be watching extra galactic commerce taking place.
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    Welcome to Physics Forums, Jesse_Bonin!

    As I'm sure you'd be the first to acknowledge, these ideas are not only speculative, but also require that the theory of relativity be at least extended (if not replaced).

    The Astrophysics section of Physics Forums is for the discussion of the application of the physics that we know to astronomy.
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