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Gamma rays

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    Is there a way to split gamma-ray photons into less energetic photons? And is the opposite possible, by combining low energy photons into a high energy one?
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    As far as I know, photons are considered as fundamental particles and as such they cannot be divided into smaller entities, neither can they be combined to make larger entities.

    If you shine a light, say a red light, on to screen you will see a red reflection.
    Shining two similar red lights would produces a brighter reflection, but you would not see blue.
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    You need to make the photons interact with matter to get higher energy photons, and likewise to get lower energy photons, look up nonlinear optics. Researchers are currently trying to make coherent sources of X-rays using high-harmonic generation, so I don't think anyone as yet produced gamma rays by such processes.
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