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Gamma spectroscopy over time?

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    These might be silly questions to the experienced, but this will be my first time trying gamma spectroscopy, so I'm a newbie.

    Firstly, I'm wondering if there's some software that will record changes in the spectrum over time? I know some people have been doing audio recording, but it doesn't seem like software is designed to analyze or export changing spectra? Basically I'd like to turn it on and start recording, then walk away for an hour and observe changes in emissions during that time.

    Secondly, how high can I trust calibrations? For example, if I calibrate with cobalt-60's 1.33 MeV, can I trust accuracy up to 20 - 40 MeV?

    Thanks for your expertise!
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    By changes in the spectrum specifically what are you looking for.. It has been a long time since I did work in this area but I should think there is software for doing this. The manufacturer of your electronics should be able to provide you with this info. For the rest of your question it would be of value to know your experimental setup and what you wish to accomplish.
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    Thanks for the quick reply!
    I sampled a few programs, and I know they update in real time, but I couldn't seem to find any with active data-logging features. Say you had a detection system running, and at some time a radioactive material was placed in front of it. I'd like to be able to record that so that later I can look and determine at what time the material was placed.
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    Are you looking for a particular gamma rays? You could set windows on those gamma's and count the total number for a given time and use a standard data logger to record the counts with a time stamp on each sample. You wouldn't necessarily need a spectrum to do this.
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