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Gamma waves

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    hi my friends I want some informations to study about gamma wave and interactions of it on humans cells.thancks alot.
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    Well i know of the top of my head i know that gamma rays kill cells, but can also mutate them meaning that gamma rays can kill genes and DNA but still allow the cell to mutliple, this can cause big problems as these mutated cells can cause large scale changes to the human body thus causing alot of damage.

    During the second world war when Japan was bombed with nuclear weapons at Hiroshima and Nagasaki many people who survived the bombing were told that they weren't allowed to have children because their children may be born with these mutated genes and may be much worse affected by them.

    But its not all bad, Gamma rays are used to kill cancerous cells and are very useful for the medical community.

    Hope this helps.
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