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Ganymede, life and JUICE

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    Are there any papers describing the possibility of life on Ganymede? I understand it is believed to have a liquid water ocean. But few seem as excited about Ganymede as they are about Europa. Is this becuase of the location of the ocean?

    If there are few or no prospects for lilfe on Ganymede why is the JUICE mission focusing on Ganymede? I thought Europa was what everyone is exicted about , now I read the Laplace is cancelled and ESA are looking to go ahead to Ganymede and prety much forget Europa.
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    Here is a relevant excerpt on Gaymede:

    The Juice Mission does schedule more orbital time to Gaynmede than to Europa.
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    I'd love to see more scientific analysis on Ganymede via probe missions and telescope. I was unaware that it is thought to have an ocean. That link referenced by Radrook isn't worth a darn, by the way (the content, that is; the link works fine, but I know BS when I see it).
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