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Gap after MSc in Astronomy, will it hinder my chances of getting a PhD position?

  1. Oct 30, 2009 #1
    gap after MSc in Astronomy, will it hinder my chances of getting a PhD position??

    hi all,

    I am an Indian student and I got my BSc in physics (Distinction) in 2006 followed by an MSc from UK in Astronomy (Merit) in 2007 (one year).

    I did not apply for a phd after my MSc as i thought that some 'experience' might do me good. after my MSc, I got selected for the part III at cambridge but did not take it up because there was no funding. So i came back to my country and landed a (temporary) teaching job, teaching astronomy and physics to the BSc students.

    Am now appearing for my physics GRE in Novebmer. Am not very hopeful as most of the topics there werent covered in my BSc degree and although am good at examinations, this one seems like a different ball game.

    The thing about that is : i might not do well in my physics gre in order to land a phd at a good university in the states and the advanced gre happens only once in India.

    i will be applying to european institutes as well. I applied last year for a phd and I came really close to a few places, they said my application was good, interview was good and i had strong reco letters but my lack of experience kept me from getting selected.

    I am 23 yrs old and getting older...wondering that if i dont get a phd by next year september..what then..should i keep trying and if yes, till when? Will this increasing gap affect my chances of getting a PhD position?

    by what age do students generally start their phd in astronomy?

    kind of in a pickle...any comments?
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