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Gardner Watts overunity Thermal Energy Cell?

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    While there is plenty of information for and against hydrinos and Blacklight Power, what's the lowdown of Gardner Watts Thermal Energy Cell? Bob Park doesn't even mention it on his site. While some equate Gardner Watts Thermal Energy Cell with hydrino's too, the company is basically saying they cannot explain precisely how the invention works.

    Take water and potash, add electricity and get - a mystery
    British researchers believe that they have made a groundbreaking scientific discovery after apparently managing to "create" energy from hydrogen atoms. In results independently verified at Bristol University, a team from Gardner Watts - an environmental technology company based in Dedham, Essex - show a "thermal energy cell" which appears to produce hundreds of times more energy than that put into it. If the findings are correct and can be reproduced on a commercial scale, the thermal energy cell could become a feature of every home, heating water for a fraction of the cost and cutting fuel bills by at least 90 per cent. The makers of the cell, which passes an electric current through a liquid between two electrodes, admit that they cannot explain precisely how the invention works. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/mai...ell18.xml&sSheet=/news/2003/05/18/ixhome.html

    Gardner Watts
    http://www.gardnerwatts.org.uk/tec.htm [Broken]

    Bob Park

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