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Garrett Lisi, the skill level of physicists, & multiverse/holographic theories.

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    Garrett Lisi, the skill level of physicists, & multiverse/holographic theories
    Okay, so after 2 times of firefox crashing and me loosing my whole 1 hour long versions of my topic

    (2 hours wasted fyi lol) here it is in the express version.
    Two questions. Both have to do with Garrett Lisi. He came up with the idea of the 248 dimensional Lie group called E8 being the prediction of all the sub atomic particles and their actions etc with its shape. Most are skeptical(I

    believe the lack of Strong support from the majority of the scientific community is due to fear of damaging their image if such a radical idea is wrong), but quite a few experts give this theory a lot of merit. So this is definitely not over speculative.(source 1, 2) Lee Smolin of the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Ontario is probably the person who has done the most heavy lifting for the theory after its initial release. Since Lisi didn't do most of the difficult work, it got me thinking about the average level of knowledge for physicists as a whole. Have there been many major breakthroughs in particle physics by people with just above average intelligence(Not genius)? They just had good motivation and intuition? The second question being simpler I think. What is the low down on the "Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything". What do the experts(you guys) really think about its implications? Any curve in the evidence yet, it looking more yay or nay?
    And actually I also wanted to know if anyone had any ideas on what this theory would mean for the many worlds/multiverse theory and holographic principle if true? In my other topic making attempts I went into detail about why I didn't believe in multiverse theory and why I agree with holographic principle. if we are like a black hole, and we really are a 2d presentation of ourselves, I think we are the only true universe. The other possible histories that could of happened but didn't can be explained with a computer but with an almost infinite amount of copies of your operating system stored on your hard drive. You only ever run one, but the others are stored there and you can predict their presence with math, but they don't exist like our reality does. It doesn't get holographed like ours does. Our universe is full of what is predicted will happen, and the rest that could of happened but didn't is just statistical data (that was a watered down explanation, but then again my theory is not really that vital to the questions lmao)

    Source for legitimacy of Mulitverse theory. HERE
    Source for legitimacy of Holographic Principle HERE

    I have been to many dead ends for searches of obscure ideas, and unorthodox ways thinking on physics forums thanks to google. Seems like at some point or another (not sure if it is still like this) moderators went overboard with closing topics with legitimate subjects. Just the fact that the link to the topic is at the top of the SE results but was closed before any discussion took place(sometimes even after legit discussion was already taking place) points to the importance of the topic. Granted I know some of them were actually overly speculative, but many were not. I had a topic of mine closed once a while ago and it would really bum me out if this one did too, hence the source links. Maybe if it doesn't meet the standards then move it to another category? Or if I'm just being paranoid, my apology in advance.

    edit: I didn't realize Lisi is a member here! Seems like you guys are very familiar with it. Im excited to see what you guys have to say.

    If interested
    TED Conference Lecture video- Good Laymen Friendly explanation of Lisi's "Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything"
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    king vitamin

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    I have heard the argument that the Lisi's theory is incapable of including chiral fermions:


    The paper is beyond me, but if the theory doesn't allow for chiral gauge theories, it seems hard to justify.
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    In the future, you might want to consider breaking up your post so that it fits into different threads in different forums. If you don't do that, you end up with a convoluted topics having so many different issues, that it gets very confusing. Just look at your first post. It started out with wanting to know about background knowledge of physicists (belongs in the Academic Guidance forum), and then it wants to know if amateur has ever made any breakthroughs in particle physics (General Discussion forum, and the answer is NO), and then it wants to know more about Lisi's theory and String Theory (Beyond the Standard Model forum).

    For the most effective use of a public forum such as this, try to tackle one topic at a time! If not, the responses that you will get will go in all different directions, and the thread will lose its focus very quickly. That will typically result in the thread being locked.

    As of now, your thread has been moved to the General Discussion forum, for lack of a better place for it to be in.

    Another important notice here is for you to make sure that you read and understood the PF Rules that you had agreed to, especially on speculative, personal theory.

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