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Gary Gygax RIP

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    AP - there are witty comments incorporating Dungeons & Dragons references all over the net, but I'll take another tack: it's like when Vader struck down Obi Wan. RIP.

    Special edition of Penny Arcade.
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    Looks like he failed his Saving Throw vs. Death.

    That's why I keep telling people NOT to neglect their Constitution.
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    Memorial edition of Order of the Stick.
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    As if anyone was in any doubt that I am a colossal nerd, I played just about every role playing game when I was a kid, from Basic: D&D to Runequest, to Paranoia, and Traveller. You name it I probably played it. I even bought the figures back when they only existed in speciality shops as a kid, Things That Go Bump in the Night was the company name (long since perished). Ah the memories, lining up skeleton hordes and having them fight to the death. Re-enacting the movie aliens as Corporal Hicks, in the quite obviously simillar RPG. Ah marvellous, wasn't it.

    Shame, a great deal of time wasted in that man's Universe as youngen.
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    So long Gary Gygax, and thanks for all the good memories.
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    jim mcnamara

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    In a large way, youth is about wasting time; that is one way you learn.
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    *roll dice* for the last time in his honor :frown:
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    Jacta est alea.
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