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Gas Compressor

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    Dear All,

    I am a mechanical engineer who has recently started working in the oil& gas industry (compression). I would appreciate if someone can guide me to where can I learn about reciprocating compressors.

    Much appreciated.
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    This is a somewhat vague request.

    Are you totally innocent of the principles of operation of recip. compressors? Or are you trying to find information on some detail of operation or selection of these machines?

    Have you done a basic Google search?
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    Lol, you're right ! Its kinda vague.

    Now to answer your question, No im definitely not innocent of the principles of operation and i have definitely done my homework on google. What Im looking for is something to talk about problems related to design, or some rules of thumb. Basically, something more detailed than average.
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    Do you have access to API-618? That's a great resource that governs large reciprocating machines.

    Also try GMRC. Leaf through their material.

    Consider getting a book that might be applicable to your area:

    You can get some background on piston rings, shaft packings and valves from the larger suppliers for those parts. I'd look at CPI and Hoerbiger.

    Ask questions here or also try engineering tips if you have something very specific http://www.eng-tips.com/threadminder.cfm?pid=1036
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