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Gas Density Equation

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    If the equation below is correct

    [itex]n = PV / (R/T)[/itex]

    where :

    n = gas density in mole / m³
    P = pressure in Pascal
    V = volume in m³
    R = ideal (individual) gas constant
    T = temperature in Kelvin

    Given that the individual gas constant - R for H2 = 4124 J / kg K

    Then 1 m³ of H2 at 101325 Pa and 273.15 K
    should have a molar density of 0.089949


    1 m³ of H2 at 5 x 10-18 Pa and 2.7 K
    should have a molar density of 4.49 x 10-22

    are these calculated results correct?

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    There is an algebra error in your starting equation... See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ideal_gas_law
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    Thanks.. I see that now




    however it looks like the calculations were made correctly according to the proper equation

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