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Gas engine design

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    hey everyone i was wondering why people don't make an internal combustion engine in the shape of an A instead of a V. this way it would have two crankshafts, and two pistons and one cyliner head for every two pistons. I think this would make the explosion my effecitive than just one piston moving up and down. what do you guys think? would this work or not?

    thanks, brian
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    Look at VW's VR-6 engine. Its similar to what your proposing and already in production. Would the explosion be more effective? Not with an A design. The are vertically opposed twin crank engines but these are typically used in industrial applications.

    If you want to work on it do some timeing diagrams and see how everything works.

    Investigate how pressure would build up in the cylinders... There are a lot of things you can playwith but in the end you'll probably find the design impracticle for personal transportation.

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    thanks i'll check that vw out
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    Well, someone else thinks this is a good idea as well:

    http://cycleworld.com/index.cfm?siteaction=OnlineUpdate&id=11 [Broken]
    http://sixstroke.com/pageone.htm [Broken]

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