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    #1-Use the Ideal Gas Law to calculate the number of moles of gas at 1.00atm in a cell 10.0cm long having a cross sectional area of 1.00cm^2 at 298K. (1ml=1cm^3)

    #2-Lets say you start with 6.0 x 10^2 mL of 1.0 x 10^-4 M NaOH solution containing phenolphthalein indicator. The equation is CO_2 + OH^- yields HCO^-_3 (HCO bottom number of three with an overall negative charge) If 374 mL of a persons breath is required to turn the phenolphthalein from pink to colorless, calculate the number of moles of CO_2 per L of breath (ie., the concentration of CO_2) in this breath.
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    Show us what you have so far, Animal.
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