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Homework Help: Gas law problems

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    heres a partial pressure one:
    1. A mixture of gases containing equal weights of carbon dioxide, CO, and ammonia exerts an overall pressure of 450 torr. What pressure is exerted by each gas individually?

    my last question is:
    2. The relative rate of diffusion between two gases is 1.89. If the lighter gas is methane (mw=16), what is the molecular weight of the other gases?

    for the first one, I could probably guess and check to get my answer, but i wouldn't understand it overall. For the second one, my teacher didn't even go over rates and that stuff. Mind explaining to me how to get the answer? thank you.
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    1. Convert weights to moles. Partiall pressures are proportional to molar fractions.

    2. Graham's law

    Please note, that you should use homework template, when asking homework questions.
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