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Gas Law questions

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    The question given were:

    The tire pressure for a car that has not been driven is 2.0atm when sitting outside at 14 degrees celsius. After the car was on the highway the temperature of the tire increased even though the air temperature remained at 14 degrees celsius. The tire pressure increased to 2.2atm. Calculate the temperature of the air in the tire in degrees celsius.

    The gas laws that the teacher ever told us is

    charles law: V1/T1=V2/T2
    Bogle's law is P1V1=P2/V2 and
    Combine law, which is V1*P1/T1=V2*P2/T2

    But in the question, there is atm....which stands for Atmosphere....I know that Atomosphere is a unit of pressure, but isn't the unit for pressure (kPa)?

    I'm so stuck...=( someone please help me....
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    1 atm is approximately [tex]1.013 \times 10^5 Pa[/tex]. But you do not need to perform this conversion to solve the problem because this factor will eventually cancel off.

    What quantities remain the same before and after the car was driven?
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    1 kPa is 1000 Pa
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