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Homework Help: Gas pressure in thermometer

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    The gas in a constant-volume gas thermometer has a pressure of 87.0kPa at 104*C.

    (a)what is the pressure of the gas at 50.0*C?
    for this i used the eqn of (87/104)(104-50) like it said in the book and still didnt get the answer right.
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    use P1/T1 = P2/T2 ...solve for P2

    = (P1*T2)/(T1) = P2

    don't forget to convert C to Kelvins.
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    but y would i convert to kelvins?
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    but y would i convert to kelvins?
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    "Why Kelvin?" Because there is no temperature scale other than the "absolute," or "thermodynamic" temperature scale, be it Kelvin or Rankine.
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