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Homework Help: :Gas Problem:

  1. Jun 21, 2006 #1
    Two moles of N2 gas undergo the cycle abcd. The pressure of the gas in each state is
    pa = pd = 5500 Pa;

    pb = pc = 1500 Pa.

    Note that 5500 Pa > 1500 Pa. The volume of the gas in each state is
    Va = Vb = 1.80m^3 ;

    Vc = Vd = 8.70m^3.

    Note that 8.70 m^3 > 1.80 m^3. The gas may be treated as ideal.

    Part A asks: Find the magnitude of the total work done on (or by) the gas in the complete cycle.

    I tried to approach the problem in the following manner and got an incorrect answer for Part A.

    I treated the process from A->B, as well as from C->D as Isochoric since Volume is constant, and said no work was done.

    I then calculated the work from B->C:
    Using: W = p(deltaV) = 1500 (8.7-1.8) = 10,350J.

    I said this was the total work done, but it's not...
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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