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Gas Solubility

  1. Jul 16, 2007 #1
    I am so lost as to how I should approach this problem

    A soft drink is made by dissolving CO2 @ 3.00 atm in a flavored solution and sealing the solution in an aluminum can @ 20C. What volume of CO2 is released when a 355-ml can is opened to 1.00 atm @ 20C and all the CO2 is allowed to escape?

    i have the constant for CO2 @ 20C but from there, i'm confused? S(CO2) = k(CO2 @ 20C) x P(CO2)
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    Since the temperature remains the same at the two temperatures, and the solvent as well, the Henry law constant remains the same for the unopened can and the opened one. The relationship you are looking for is:

    C1/P1 = C2/P2

    where C1 is the concentration of CO2 at 3 atm. (20C), P1 is 3 atm and P2 is 1 atm.

    Be careful regarding the units of k, the Henry constant. It should be in units of atm/C, where 'C' is in the same units as C1 and C2.
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    thanks! i was able to do it with a little more thinking.

    i had to eventually use the ideal gas law.
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