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Homework Help: Gas turbine TS cycle question

  1. Mar 24, 2016 #1
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    I am confused what 5-5b and 5b-6 represent in the above TS diagram. I know that 1-2 is compression, 2-3 is cooling, 3-4 is compression and 4-5 is regeneration (since these are indicated in the block diagram) but as for 5-5b and 5b-6 it is less clear. I mean 5-6 is the combustion chamber but what is the significance of the 5-5b and 5b-6 segments? Why have they split it up like this?
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    Looking over the diagram perhaps if you can explain what's different between 7 and 7b, you might have your answer for 5b?

    Beyond this I can't assist; I haven't looked at thermo since my student days.
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    Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, I don't get that part either lol. Haven't encountered it in examples provided by my lecturer so far.
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    My guess is that if 6-7 represents the ideal heat exchange, then perhaps 6-7b represents a practical best attainable for that stage. You can't extract all of the heat in a heat exchanger.

    I think the image you attached might be too large, it spills out and forces the rest of the page into small size.
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    My view was that 6-7 represents isentropic expansion in the turbine and 6 - 7b the actual expansion. So 5b might ne needed for the efficiency.
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    Is it possible that the points 5b and 7b refer to another problem?
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