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Homework Help: Gas/Volume Question

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    Which one of the following statements best explains why gases are not comercially sold by volume?

    a)Gas volume is neligible
    b)Gas volume is difficult to measure
    c)Gas volume depends on the type of gas
    d)Gases have comparitviely low densities
    e)Gas volume depends on temperature and pressure

    The question is asking why aren't they sold by volume. Because the volume of a gas could change due to pressure and temperature changes would be my answer. e). I may have just answered my own question.
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    Doc Al

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    Yes you have.
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    For the public knowledge I must say that in compressed air installations engineers usually refer to the air flow in m^3/s. Even though it is a volumetric measure of gas, it is understood by all of us that the volume is referred to Normal conditions (sometimes called Normal-cubic meters per second).
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    Andrew Mason

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    Gas is sold to consumers by volume. That is how the gas meters work. I think they regulate the pressure and adjust for temperature.

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    Doc Al

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    It's a poor question, but the answer they are looking for is clearly "e". (Another "textbook" problem created by a well-meaning instructor who just doesn't have the practical knowledge.)
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