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Gases/Pressure Problem

  1. Nov 30, 2006 #1
    An air bubble of volume 18 cm3 is at the bottom of a lake 40 m deep where the temperature is 3.0°C. The bubble rises to the surface, which is at a temperature of 30°C. Take the temperature of the bubble to be the same as that of the surrounding water. What is the volume of the bubble just as it reaches the surface?

    So, my teacher told me to use p1v1/T1 = p2v2/T2 p1=pgh+p0

    however, when i did the work, the answer i got was 19.7608
    So, could someone set up the equation for me in case i'm doing it wrong?
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    How is p2 related to p1 and p0? What did you use for T1 and T2? Show us how you did the calculation.
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    the only parts that i understand is the first equation which i set up like this..

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    i solved it..thank you though
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