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Gasoline vapor and explosions

  1. Nov 19, 2009 #1

    i need to know something about the explosion risk of gasoline. I have to assess the risks of gasoline leaking into a sewer. They say the vapor can cause explosions.

    I looked up some facts, but i can't find the answer.

    1) Here's the data
    temperature: 2 to 10°C
    explosion boundaries of gasoline (in volume% with air): 0,6 - 8
    vaporpressure of gasoline at 20 °C: 50-400 mbar
    relative mass of air saturated with gasoline at 20°C (air = 1) : 1,15

    2) Question: Can gasoline vapor explode in these conditions? What will be the % of gasoline in the air?
    If it doesn't explode under these conditions, under what conditions will it explode?
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    Gasoline vapors are aways an explosion hazard, especially in confined areas. In cases where there is no or little air motion, gasoline vapors will settle to low areas, because its GMW (gram molecular weight) is ~>100 vs. air = 29. Cars with gasoline tanks in garages are considered safe if gas or oil furnaces are mounted on raised structures.
    Bob S
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