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Gasoline vs ethanol

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    moe in wichita ks
    iam new here, i think i will like this site.
    iam trying to show a friend that gasoline is a better fuel than ethanol and/or methanol. i have most of the info i need. but what i do need is.
    1 how much water is made when each one burns one gal.
    2 air/fuel ratio for the ethanol and methanol. i have gasoline 14.7
    3 how much water can each one take on and still run in a i.c. engine
    i have helped friends with methanol race engines so i have some real world experance. some racers will not run ethanol, they think it will mess up the engine cause of the sugar used to make it.
    thanks for your help
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    Indy Racing League race cars switched from methanol to ethanol. I don't know what was required to make the change, but it's not an issue.

    Air to fuel ratio for ethanol / methanol is lower, more fuel is used, and if the ratio is low enough, you end up with more power.
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