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Homework Help: Gass laws, pressure

  1. Dec 26, 2012 #1
    Hi all ... thanks in advance to anyone who helps me out ...it should be simple , i need some formulas .. for example

    1. Find the mass of an cargo that can be moved by using a hydraulic piston pump if D=1,7m and d=400mm=0,4m and force is 300hN. If force goes up by 10% find the pressure and new mass

    I remember the main one F1/d1^2= F2/d2^2

    It's easy to find F2 but how to find a mass and pressure?

    Is pressure p = F2/A2 where A2 is D^2*Pi / 4 ??? and how to find this "d" in A2 ?

    And second question is on which pressure will NH3 have density of 1.65g/dm3 if temperature is -30C or 243,15K

    pV=nRT .. right?

    Or how many liters of gass can we get if volume of gass, on temperature of 333,15K and p of 0.7, is 250l.
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    Hint: pistons are usually circular. Think you can find the pressure knowing the diameter of the piston and the applied force?
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    maybe yes no ?
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