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Gate mechanical subjects

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    what are the important subjects for GATE mechanical...?:confused:
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    What exactly do you mean by GATE ?

    My general answer is to challenge you to make a GATE, test it to failure, then identify the mode of failure. If it does not fail, build another GATE on a lower budget and break that by using it under normal operating conditions. Continue that process until you cannot reduce the cost and you will know the important subjects. A good engineer will do it all in her head.
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    Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering, I expect.
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    ha yes, i am saying about Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering.
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    Hi Virat,
    From GATE perspective I am writing the subjects as per their average weightage
    1:Production Technology.(18-20 Marks)
    2:Engineering Mathematics.(12-15 Marks)
    3:General Aptitude (15 Marks)
    4:Industrial Engineering and operations research (8-9Marks)
    5:Fluid Mechanics(8-9Marks)
    6:SOM (8-10Marks)
    5:Thermodynamics,RAC(12-14 Marks)
    6:Machine Design(5-6 Marks)
    7:Engineering Mechanics (3-4 Marks)
    8:Theory of machines (8-10 Marks)
    9:HMT (6-7 Marks)
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