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Homework Help: Gauge Pressure/Teapot Effect

  1. Dec 27, 2011 #1
    Water poured slowly from a teapot spout can double back under the spout for a considerable distance before detaching and falling. (The water layer is held against the underside of the spout by atmospheric pressure.) In Fig. 14-23, in the water layer inside the spout, point a is at the top of the layer and point b is at the bottom of the layer; in the water layer outside the spout, point c is at the top of the layer and point d is at the bottom of the layer. Rank those four points according to the gauge pressure in the water there, most positive first.


    Answer: b, then a and d tre (zero), then c

    Attempt: All I can think of is Bernoulli's equation in which we can compare the heights of the points.
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    Ah! I solved it hehe :)
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