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Gauss --> A/m

  1. Jan 10, 2016 #1
    Apart from which is the numerical value of the conversion factor, is it allowed to make a conversion from gauss (unit of measure of the magnetic field B in CGS) to A/m (unit of measure of the magnetizing field H in SI)?

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    Stricktly speaking the SI-equivalent of the CGS-unit Gauss is the Tesla, 1T= 1Vs/m^2.

    1T = 10000 G

    The difference between T and A/m is that the magnetic field B (measured in T) takes into account the permeability of the medium. B = mu H

    In vacuum, the permeability is a constant, mu_0. In a material, such as air, the permeability is different from mu_0. In many cases the difference
    is very very small and can be neglected. This, however, is not true in all cases, e.g. ferromagnets.

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