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Gauss Law Question

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    Is it possible to find the mass of the earth based on the earths volume mass density, roe = A-Br=R, where A = 1.42 x 104 kg/m3, B = 1.16 x 104 kg/m3, and Earth’s radius
    R = 6.370 x 106 m

    I know that based on Gauss Law that (closed integral) g x da = -4Gmin, where g is the total electric field due to the inside and outside of the closed surface. I don't see how this is possible.
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    Hi, bananasplit. Could you try to be a little clearer? I think you were trying to write an expression for the density of the Earth, [tex]\rho[/tex], as a function of distance from the center, r, but I can't read your expression. Does it have a spurious equals sign, or a missing / symbol?

    If that's the case, then you have to do a volume integral, and I don't see any connection to Gauss's Law. Might you be confusing Gauss's Law with Gauss's Theorem?
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