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Gaussian coordinates?

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    Whenever I read Relativity I get stuck around Gaussian coordinates, i can't seem to find much out about them, do they have another name? does anyone know any good resources explaining them?
    or am I just in over my head?

    thanks guys,
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    If we don't know what aspect of it you didn't understand, then there's no way for us to write an explanation that would work better for you than the one you've already read.
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    I'm guessing that you are reading Einstein's popular book, "Relativity, the special and general theory", http://www.bartleby.com/173/25.html?

    I'm not sure what you don't understand. Gaussian coordinates are just like using graph paper, except that the lines aren't necessarily straight...
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    Yeah. I get it now, I found a different (better) translation, Thanks.
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