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Homework Help: Gaussian distribution problem

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    (Something), (Something) and (Something) is at the centre of distribution.(bell curve)

    The mean? And i dont know - I've read through my maths book(s) and several other sources of information and can not find any information.

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    Re: Distribution

    And how are we supposed to find out what (Something) is? And is there
    a question in there?
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    Re: Distribution

    Three common measures for the "center" of a distribution are mean, median, and mode. Perhaps this is referring that for an unskewed normal distribution they are all the same?
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    Re: Distribution

    Willem2, You see that 'Q' at the start of the thread, that means Question! He means that at the centre of a normal distribution bell curve, there are three pieces of information that are avaliable to be found out by using just the middle of this curve. i.e. 'Something,Something and Something' these are just stating that there are three variables he is trying to figure out.
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