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Gaussian Elimination Question

  1. Aug 27, 2005 #1
    Any help on this one would be greatly appreciated. Due to that I can't find much of a connection (due to lack of inconsistent set of linear equations), and the fact that I'm unable to explain it properly, can someone please help me?

    Here's the question:

    If a system of linear equations is inconsistent, and Gaussian Elimination is applied to the augmented matrix, what will occur during the row reduction process that will indicate the inconsistency? Explain briefly.

    Thanks a bunch guys.
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    You could always invent your own inconsistent sets of linear equations.
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    Where do I begin on that?

    What should I take into account when creating my own inconsistent sets?
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    pivoting! lack of solution?
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    For example:


    Are these equations consistent? What do you get by Gauss elimination?

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