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Homework Help: Gaussian Elimination

  1. Oct 24, 2007 #1
    I used Gaussian elimination on a matrix to find the soultions. I know that there is either no solutions or infinatley many, but the matrix is confusing me.

    The only definition I have of when a matrix has infinatley many solutions is when a zero row is equal to zero, and no solutions when a zero row is equal to a real number.

    But in this case is it infinatley many solutions or no solutions?

    1 2 3 | 4

    0 3 1 | 1

    0 3 1 | 0

    Where 3y + z = 1 and 0.

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    0 is a real number! You mean a non-zero number.

    You haven't finished your Gaussian Elimination. Subtract the second row from the third.
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    your matrix is not in reduced-echelon form yet. do row 2 minus row 3 and see...
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    ah, so no solutions :P thanks
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