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I have fitted Gaussian function to some data in matlab.
Now matlab gives me this:

General model Gauss1:
f(x) = a1*exp(-((x-b1)/c1)^2)
Coefficients (with 95% confidence bounds):
a1 = 2633 (2628, 2637)
b1 = 1824 (1824, 1824)
c1 = 4.979 (4.97, 4.989)

Goodness of fit:
SSE: 3.694e+004
R-square: 0.9991
Adjusted R-square: 0.9991
RMSE: 4.599

I would like to write my result for c1 like c1[tex]\pm[/tex]M where M is error in measurement,
Since it's been a while I have done any measurement analysis, is it possible to get this error from output above ?

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